Travel Dates & Bucket List Locations

Upcoming Travel Dates

Sessions booked during the following travel dates won't be charged a travel fee! 

San Diego, CA.

August 12-13

September 26-29

October 28-30

November 11-13

Sedona, AZ.

September 21-23


I crave adventure. There's nothing I love more than traveling, near and far I love it all. I will drive across the country, hop on any plane or train. I will happily travel across the world to capture the love between two souls.


Here is a list of dream locations I hope to visit! If any of these destinations are places you want to go, then let's plan an adventure together! I will ONLY be charging travel fees for shoots in any of these locations! If you're headed somewhere epic but don't see it on this list, message me anyways!

My Bucket List

Arches National Park

Grand Teton National Park

Olympic National Park

Zion National Park

Big Sur, CA

Kauai, HI

Glacier National Park

Banff, Alberta



Amalfi Coast

Lago Di Braies