August 19, 2022

Hannah & Eli 

Phoenix Engagement

This was my first session shooting in the Arizona desert, my first shoot in my new home! And Hannah and Eli were an absolute dream to work with!!! A few days prior to this shoot I went out to scout for locations, I came across this perfect spot and couldn't wait to add it to my list of places to shoot at. We scheduled the shoot for sunset, I got there a little early and noticed the dark clouds rolling in. I was hoping the evening monsoon would hold off long enough but it didn't.... However, these two took it like champs and were excited to shoot anyways! So we danced in the rain, got soaked, and made some magic among the cacti. All in all I think it was a perfect night if you ask me! 

I think this is a good reminder that sometimes the weather for your shoot is less than "ideal" and sometimes you're not able to reschedule (like if you travelled to me or I travelled to you). but if you just embrace it and go with it you might just end up getting some epic photos!!