May 24, 2022

Gabby & Kyle

Oahu Engagement Session


So let me tell you about this shoot... it will go down as one of my favorites of ALL TIME!!! The sunset. The location. Hawaii. This couple. All of it. Gabby and Kyle are one of the funniest couples I have ever met, hands down. We were laughing the entire time and it just made it feel like I was truly on a date with them! This spot has become one of my favorite locations in Hawaii, my hubby and I even ended our elopement day at this same spot to watch the sunset together. 

There are some restaurants nearby which make it the perfect place to end the night after taking some epic photos. Gabby and Kyle recommended the restaurant Monkeypod, they claimed they had the best Mai Tais on the island... well that's a pretty bold statement so I of course had to see what the hype was all about. Let me tell ya, they weren't kidding!! They also have a very delicious pizza topped with Kalua pork and pineapple, and don't come at me because I strongly believe pineapple belongs on pizza and you will not change my mind. 


I'm a big proponent for making your engagement session a whole experience. I mean if you're gonna get dressed up (or strip down to your bikini like this shoot)  then you should make the day or evening a whole day of celebrating you two and your love. Any excuse to celebrate am I right?!

Here are a few ideas...

  • Get your nails done together

  • pizza and beer people? bring it along for a picnic

  • love ice cream? me too. let's stop at a local ice cream parlor

  • make a reservation for a nice dinner afterwards

  • TRAVEL for your engagement session

  • book a hotel room and order room service and watch true crime

  • get massages earlier in the day so you can really relax!