Thomas & Amanda

April 29th, 2022
San Diego, CA.

Thomas and Amanda's wedding day was so beautiful, and full of love.

When Amanda first reached out to me she told me their plan was to elope to the courthouse in downtown San Diego. About a week had passed and she reached out and told me their plans had changed and that they were going to be getting married at Thomas's grandparents house... I love a backyard wedding (in this case it was a front yard wedding)! A few nights before their wedding all three of us hopped on a Zoom call to chat logistics and I helped them create a shot list. I got to meet their fur baby, Hank, and when they told me they wanted photos with him I was so excited. One thing I love and will always encourage is to take photos with your fur babies or try to include them in your wedding day if that's what you want!

Like most wedding planning/wedding days, there's a few hiccups along the way but that's just how things go! Amanda's hair and makeup went over the scheduled time and she didn't arrive until after the ceremony was supposed to start... but it worked out PERFECTLY! Guests were still arriving and the sun was getting in the perfect position for their ceremony! Amanda had her sweet momma, beautiful sister and sister-in-laws, and her precious mother-in-law to help her calm her nerves (with of course a few glasses of champagne) and get her ready before her dad walked her "down the aisle". Thomas's grandparents live in the most beautiful home, it was in a part of San Diego that I had never been to and the drive there was beautiful. Their house sits on top of a hill that has an incredible view, it made for the perfect place to celebrate their love for each other. When their ceremony started they surprised their siblings by calling them up to stand next to them, it was such a sweet gesture to show they wanted some of their favorite people standing by their sides on one of the most special day of their lives. There was no aisle to divide sides, everyone gathered around to witness them exchange vows and begin their next chapter as Mr. and Mrs. 

After the ceremony their family and friends greeted the newlyweds with open arms and surrounded them with love. We took family portraits and bride and groom photos, then they started the party! They had tacos, beer, champagne, basically all the things that make a good party! It was a perfect night for the two of them.

Cheers to Happily Ever After!