Tips For Planning Your Fall Family Photo Outfits!


Fall is my very favorite season to dress for, I love the deeper colors, the textures, the layers... the sweaters! I just love everything fall related. The fall season is one of the most popular seasons to take family photos, so I've put together some tips and ideas for picking out outfits for your photoshoot!

1. Choose the location first!

Location plays a huge factor in your outfit choices. You’re most likely going to wear something different to the beach than you would in the mountains. Think about the landscape and the colors you’ll be around, think about the vibe you’re going for and then go from there!

2. Pick a color palette

Choose 3-4 colors that compliment one another. You don’t want everyone matching, trust me it looks better when you mix colors and shades! I also recommend opting for more muted tones, instead of neon green I suggest going with a pastel green or forest green, instead of hot pink maybe choose a dusty rose or mauve. Neutral colors ALWAYS look good!

3. Start with moms outfit!

My recommendation is to start with mom (or daughters) outfit, this is because 1) us ladies typically are a little more picky and 2) women’s clothing often has more patterns, textures, and colors which makes it easier to base everyone else’s outfits on!

Dresses are always a great go to option, they’re flattering and easy to move in! If you don’t like dresses, jeans and a sweater with some cute booties is another great option. My best advice is to dress a little fancier than your everyday look, choose higher quality fabrics than T-shirt material it will just hang better!

4. Choose coordinating outfits not matching ones

Gone are the days of everyone wearing the same outfit in family photos! The outcome of your photos will look better when everyone has their own outfit. Avoid wearing the same exact color as your spouse or putting your kiddos in matching outfits.

Keep patterns to a minimum! Choose one family member to wear a print or patterned article of clothing, too many people in patterns can be very distracting. When it comes to patterns skip the bold or tiny prints that can easily distract.

5. Don’t be afraid of fitted clothing!

I’m a sucker for flowy and loose fitting blouses, I never have to worry about how I look after eating too many tacos! But when it comes to taking photos, fitted is more flattering. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear a flowy top, but if you do I suggest wearing it with a pair skinny jeans! If you choose a flowy dress, opt for A-line or something that hugs you tighter up top then flows out! You don’t want clothing that’s too tight, you want the right balance for sure, but you also don’t want something that doesn’t show your shape.

6. Accessories and layers are your friend

Don’t forget jewelry, it adds so much to your outfit! My favored go to accessories and layers are hats, jeans jackets, and necklaces. You can never go wrong when adding a hat, especially in your fall photos!

7. Keep the weather in mind!

Weather is important to keep in mind because you don't want to be too cold or too hot while taking photos. Being uncomfortable is the worst, and no one wants to be uncomfy!

8. Don't forget the shoes

Shoes are important. I'll leave it at that. Unless you intent to go barefoot on the beach (which I recommend), make sure your shoes coordinate with your outfit.

9. Don't wait until the last minute to try on your outfits!

Make sure everyone tries on their outfit before the day of your session, you want to make sure everyone feels good, everything fits, the outfits look good next to each other, etc. There's been several times I've picked out outfits for my own family photos thinking what I purchased would look good next to each other, and I ended up not liking what I got when we all tried on our outfits. So make sure you have plenty of time to return or exchange things if you need to!

If you're still not sure what direction to go when it comes to planning your outfits, below I have some examples of fall color palettes. And I also inserted a link to my fall family outfit Pinterest board, you can find that here!

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