Why You Should Take Engagement Photos

If you ask any photographer whether or not you should take engagement photos, their answer is going to be a resounding yes! But why? Well here are a few reasons why I believe you should take engagement photos…

1. Oftentimes my couples have never been in front of a camera together before, so this is a perfect time to get photos taken of the two of you in a special setting. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m a good time, and I hear time and time again from not just brides to be, but also the men that they had a great time and it wasn’t a hassle! This is the perfect time to celebrate and capture this chapter of your love story.

2. If you don’t already have your wedding photographer booked this is the perfect time to meet and see if their shooting style and personality jives with yours. If you do already have your wedding photographer booked then perfect, I love shooting with my clients before their big day so that they can see how I guide and direct them the entire time so that on their wedding day when it comes to photos they feel at ease the entire time! Also, I include engagement sessions in all of my wedding packages, so this is fun to get together and chat more about your day.

3. Another reason I encourage everyone to take engagement photos is so that you can display these photos at your wedding! Trust me, your guests are going to love seeing these photos. Also, these photos will be perfect to send out on your save the dates and invitations!

Ready to chat more about booking your engagement session? Message me to get more information!

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