September 23, 2022

Miki & Morgan

Sedona Elopement

Miki, Morgan, and I sat down in the early months of 2022 in a coffee shop in San Diego to start planning their elopement. We were starting from ground zero when it came to planning, they weren't sure exactly where they wanted to elope but knew they wanted the adventure elopement and loved the desert. Joshua Tree was on the table (which is always a favorite for me) but once we started looking at photos of Sedona elopements they were sold!

We went over details of what they wanted to include, how they wanted their day to look, etc. It was so much fun getting to sit down with them and talk about their love story, their interests as a couple and as individuals, and all the other details. So when it came to planning it was pretty easy since they are very go with the flow and down for pretty much whatever!

Leading up to their special day they each flew to meet up with their families to go wedding dress shopping, they made it a point to include those who love them the most in finding the perfect dress which I love. They kept their dresses a secret from one another until their first look which was so precious.... I love when the dress is a total surprise! 

The day of started with them getting ready in their individual suites, they didn't want to see each other until the first look. So they each spent the night with their moms and I just love that! Miki started getting ready first, Morgan's mom is a hairstylist so she did both of their hair, and Miki's mom added the finishing touches. Everything about their day was so intentional. When I went to gather their rings and jewelry for detail shots Miki pulled me aside and showed me that she had a surprise for Morgan... a new RING! Not only a new ring but it was her mom's ring that she had redone just for Morgan. She wanted me to include it in the detail shots so that Morgan would see those photos when their gallery was delivered... the sweetest thing!

Once they were ready it was time for the first look. Morgan and her mom road with me and I got her all set up. Then Miki followed behind with her mom (eyes closed the entire time) and I got her all set up. This first look reaction gave me chills, seeing their reaction to one another melted my heart. After they had taken it all in and had a moment to themselves, Miki pulled out the ring and Morgan was so surprised!

After the first look we headed up to Chapel of the Holy Cross to take some photos. One of my favorite things is following behind a couple and hearing all the strangers compliment them and congratulate them. Everyone loves love and wedding days! It was super crowded but we got some great shots and headed back to the car for our next spots.

After taking lots of photos and laughing hard they were ready to eat. Originally in their plan they wanted to go bouldering and have a picnic, but plans changed and they were totally fine nixing that. So we all headed back to the hotel and they invited my husband and I to lunch with them. So my husband actually worked with Miki, so this wasn't our first meal together but it was the first time getting to meet their mamas (who we adored)! We went to Oaxaca's and had some yummy drinks, chips and salsa. and the biggest plate of fajitas I have ever seen. Then the afternoon monsoon hit. It was one of the most incredible views, sitting on the patio eating delicious Mexican food, sharing stories, and listening to the down pour. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!