September 26, 2021

Nathan and Rachel

Sunset Cliffs - San Diego, CA.

I freaking love these two people! This shoot was so much fun. Every other time I shot at Sunset Cliffs I never found "the spot". Every photographer has a specific spot at a location that they love, and I was never able to find it until this session. The original spot we were going to shoot at was actually being occupied by a wedding (what a location to get married am i right?!), so we walked a little further to the right and right below the wedding was a smaller area on the cliff that made the perfect spot for this engagement session. We chatted about life and love and they told me how they met, and I obsessed over how cute they were and how perfect the light was. We danced, we laughed, we may have flashed the wedding party as Rachel changed on the cliff, but we had the best time.

And the cherry on top... They chose me to be their wedding photographer!!! I can't wait to document their special day, I know it's going to be perfect and filled with so much love!