March 25, 2022

Jordan & Liesl

Sunset Cliffs Proposal
Okay, ready to read about one of the cutest proposal stories?! Here we go...

Jordan reached out to me a few weeks before the proposal was scheduled to see if I would be available to capture the moment for him? Thankfully I had availability! Together we started brainstorming ideas for how to make it a complete surprise for Liesl. They were going to be in San Diego for vacation with Liesl's parents and brother so we schemed up something that she wouldn't question. Here's the lie: Liesl's mom was going to plan for them to take family photos while they were in town, while taking family photos I was going to pretend I don't normally get to work with just couples so I would ask Liesl's mom if I could still her and Jordan away for a couple photos of just the two of them at this spot at Sunset Cliffs that I had been dying to shoot at... Jordan knew that Liesl wanted the moment to be super intimate and just the two of them so after getting a couple close up shots I would back up to get a wide angle shot while he got down on one knee.

So now that you know the plan here's how it went down...
They all arrived at sunset cliffs and I had my best acting pants on (not to toot my own horn but I did a dang good job). Before the shoot I had gone to the store to get champagne, champagne flutes, and roses for them to celebrate with after the proposal (as per Jordan's request... how cute!!) We began the shoot like any other shoot. I pretended like it was a normal family session, then after about 15 minutes I pulled them away while Liels's parents went to my car to get the goodies. We walked over to the exact spot that Jordan was going to propose at and not to my surprise since it's an amazing spot there was a couple of girls sitting there set up to watch the sunset. Typically I would just go to another spot but since this was THE SPOT I told Jordan and Liesl I would be right back and I walked up to the girls and told them that he was about to propose and that he came all the way from Denver just to do this... I even bribed them and said I would Venmo them LOL... they were so sweet and I promised they could have their spot right back! Everything went exactly as planned, it was absolutely perfect!!! Liesl was SHOCKED, she had absolutely no idea which made it even better! Afterwards her family was there to meet them and celebrate with them which was so precious to see how excited they all were. We took some more photos and then they celebrated the evening with a yummy dinner. The next day was Liesl's birthday, like how perfect of a weekend?! A vacation to San Diego, a birthday, and a proposal?! How special.