September 24, 2021

Chad & Kimberly / Coronado Beach Vow Renewal

Okay, get ready to read the cutest thing ever...

Kimberly texted me on a Monday and told me she had an idea and needed my help. I was so stoked when she told me that her and Chad were celebrating their 5 year wedding anniversary that Friday and she wanted to plan a surprise vow renewal!!! I mean, how freaking cute? Chad was planning a surprise weekend getaway for her to Coronado (which is one of her favorite places), and little did he know that she had a surprised planned for him. She sent me some inspiration photos she had in mind for the set up, and I got to work shopping! 

On Friday (the day of the surprise) it started pouring rain, up until the last minute we weren't sure it was going to happen, but thankfully the rain let up and we were able to carry on with the plan! I got to the beach and started setting up everything, when they showed up, Chad joked that the set up was for him LOL, then said he was joking cause there was no way he could have planned that. Then he joked they should come over and pay me to take some photos of them... LOL. They started walking my way and that's when Kim told him that in fact the surprise was for them and that they were going to renew their vows! He was definitely surprised and was so down for it. They had always talked about renewing their vows every 5 years, and they were going to make that happen! I can speak from witnessing it, these two love each other so much. It's so beautiful to see a couple so dedicated and committed to one another. 

Ladies and Gents, if you ever want to renew your vows or book an anniversary session this is your sign to do it!